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Ginger & Lemon Myrtle
Ginger & Lemon Myrtle
Ginger & Lemon Myrtle

Ginger & Lemon Myrtle

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Spicy and warming, Ginger and Lemon Myrtle works well as a pick me up first thing in the morning.

80g - 40 serves.

Brew 1 heaped teaspoon \ 250ml, 5-7 minutes at 100 degrees.

Organic Ingredient's

Ginger, Lemon Myrtle & Lemongrass.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale zingiberaceae) - Spicy and warming, Ginger has been clinical proven as a safe and effect remedy for the prevention and treatment of nausea. May also benefit other digestive symptoms such as ingestion, spasms and flatulence. Has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and may help alleviate headaches, arthritic pain, menstrual cramps and sore muscles. Traditionally Ginger has been used to relieve symptoms associated with the common cold.

Lemon Myrtle ( Backhousia citriodora) - Native to Australia, Lemon Myrtle is rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. May relieve conditions such as spasms, muscle cramps, headaches and arthritic pain and may enhance the immune system. The benefits go beyond physical health, it may also calm the mind and promote positive feelings and induce relaxation.

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) - Has a cooling effect and is high in antioxidants and an  anti-inflammatory. Used as a natural remedy for hot flashes, bloating and digestive problems by soothing and lessening stomach cramps and spasms.

Herbal teas have been used for thousands of years by pregnant and breastfeeding women for the health benefits they may bring. Surprisingly there is limited research in the effects of these herbs. It is usually okay to drink herbal tea during pregnancy but should be limited to 1-2 cups per day especially in the first trimester. Please consult your healthcare professional before drinking in early pregnancy.