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Refill - Spicy Hot Choc

Refill - Spicy Hot Choc

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This is intended for refilling your cylinder tube. Please not there are NO instructions or description of the Chocolate on the cellophane packet. There is no list of ingredients on this pack, please refer to website.

The cellophane packet should be disposed of in your green waste bin or it can go into your home compost - as per Australian standards. Decomposition time is approximately 15 weeks once in the elements. 

Rich Dutch cacao with hints of caramel and smooth overtones of toffee, accompanied by spicy notes dancing over your taste buds. Decadent, spicy and smooth.


Dissolve 2 heaped teaspoons to a small amount of boiling water. Fill your cup with your favourite hot milk.

Organic Ingredient's

Cacao, Coconut sugar, dried Maple Syrup, Chili, Ginger & Celtic Sea Salt.